About M Squared

M Squared is a multi-sided mobile-first community platform designed to help all commercial, government and social communities connect and interact digitally.

With its DNA rooted in TPI’s Smart City Platform, M2 offers e-commerce, mobile payment, food delivery, event ticketing, travel planning, community connectivity.

Mobile Malaysia is a platform that brings members of community with common interests and common location together digitally by the following:

  • Leveraging on Mobile App innovations
  • Big Data Analytics
  • video

    Ready-to-use common services such as:

    Multi-mode cashless payment platform.
    Targeted news and notifications.
    Location-based content.
    Real-time promotion.
    Multi-tenant loyalty platform.
    Booking and reservations.

    M Squared Unique Selling Points

    TouchPoint International, the brains behind M Squared, has developed and deployed their smart city mobile app, with virtually zero cost and a quick-to-market timeline .I.E Smart Community, Smart Economy, Smart Government Services, Smart Safety & Security, Smart Mobility.

    Additional features also includes:

    News and Highlights

    Direct channel to distribute news and urgent notifications to targeted users, while ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of such information, combating fake news spread on other social media networks.

    Panic Button

    Secure and effective in-app panic button feature linked to a command and control centre dashboard, ensuring the highest level of safety and security response to the residents and visitors in this digital age.

    Big Data Analytic

    M Squared is designed with data analytic in mind, aggregating such massive amount of data from the ecosystem between local authorities, event organizers, businesses, local community groups as well as tourists and visitors, the benefits from Big Data analytic becomes an indispensable advantage to the local government.

    Loyalty Platform

    Full-fledged loyalty point system that cities and state government can utilize to incentivize and encourage participation of local events and activities. The loyalty platform supports points exchanges and vouchers, that can in turn be used to support local businesses and strategic partners and sponsors.

    Government Services

    Providing complete information on local facilities, services, facility booking, government payment collection, parking and public transport services, etc.

    Virtual Tour Guide

    Promoting local tourism, generating economic benefits for local event organizers and businesses.

    Full-fledge Merchant Cashless Platform

    Fully digitalized cashless merchants, with an easy-to-user mobile app e-commerce platform and cashless acceptance both online and on-premise.

    Merchant Platform Features

    Accepts online ordering & reservations

    Enables businesses to list products and services

    Multimode Payment Channel

    Provide multi-mode payment acceptance: including e-wallets and foreign currency (RMB via Unionpay, Alipay and WeChat Pay)

    App functions as a mobile POS to accept and process cashless payment

    Loyalty Program Features

    Instantly enables businesses, communities and local government to provide a loyalty point system for earning points via purchases made online and on-premise, participating in events, surveys and feedback, and other activities through Msquared. Loyalty points can be exchanged for cash value or vouchers, and can be exchanged for points with other Merchants or Partners.

    Community Platform

    Digitally interact with members and take advantage of the platform features and services.

    TPI actively seeks out local communities such as:

    • - Community Leaders
    • - Interest Groups
    • - Social Enterprises
    • - NGOs
    • - Charity Group
    • - Clubs and Societies
    • - Schools
    • - Places of Worship

    Additional features:

    Community partners can utilize:

    • - Event Listing
    • - News and Highlights
    • - Event Registration
    • - Payment Collection
    • - Survey and Feedback Services
    • - Build your own Mini-App

    App Screen

    Problem and Solution

    Launch of the Food and Service delivery platform to bring e-commerce and delivery tools to all levels of the F & B Industry

    Limited Radius

    Limited delivery radius of 6 km and less for certain app (GRAB Food, Foodpanda)

    MOQ applicable

    Minimum order value per order imposed on customers

    High Interest Rates

    Merchants are burdened with high commission rates between 20% – 32% by food delivery platforms

    Low visibility for local vendors

    The lack of accessibility on current platforms for localised vendors

    High Cost to vendors

    High cost charged to consumers for vendors to cover overhead platform cost

    Our solution

    A SMART community and socially interactive platform that marries food delivery and e-commerce together.

    A unique partnership model where communities evolve into a monetized ecosystem.

    Unique Value Proposition

    • Commission Charge of only 10% per transaction excluding delivery and SST
    • Loyalty points are interconnected to our business and city council partners
    • Opportunities of cross-marketing with other partners to enhance brand visibility
    • Empowering communities through interconnection within the platform
    • Ability to customise requirements to suit varied business models
    • Next day bank-ins of profit into merchant's account

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is M Squared?

    It is a multi-sided mobile-first community platform designed to help all commercial, government and social communities connect and interact digitally.

    Apart from food delivery, M Squared will also provide other services in the near future which may include community-centered app, events, ticketings, and others.

    Our delivery partner, Mr Speedy, will be handling all deliveries for you. Your safety is extremely important to us and we screen all of our riders with thorough background checks and use a rating system to give each delivery partner feedback.

    M Squared is open 24/7, 365 days a year! As long as the merchant you want to order from is open and accepting to get orders, we’ll deliver.

    Why should I become an M Squared merchant-partner?

    We help drive additional business to your restaurant or stall! Working with us allows you to tap into millions of hungry customers on M Squared, allowing you to extend your business into the online space!

    You will need to provide the following documents to become a Merchant-partner:

    • - Download the Merchant App HERE.
    • - Copy of Bank Account Details
    • - Copy of Business Documents – Form 9,13,49
    • - Copy of identification card/passport of the director/officer of the Merchant who is signing the Agreement
    • - Copy of business license (must be current and not expired) for each Restaurant
    • - Copy of insurance policy covering all Restaurants (must be current and not expired)
    • - Copy of Halal certificate (if applicable)

    Yes, you can if you have the required business licenses and documents above.

    Download the Merchant App HERE.